Copper Rod Continuous Casting & Rolling Line Type UL+Z-1820+255/12(6+6)

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Copper Rod Upward Continuous Casting Line

Product Description:

This Copper Rod CCR line adopts the advanced fire refining technology to produce the ¢8MM bright low-oxygen copper rod which is meet the international standards in the continuous casting line. The features of the production line are continuous casting and rolling process. There is no interruption from melting of raw material, casting process, rolling process and delivery of product, and it has high efficiency due to automatic control throughout the entire process. The rod complies with the relevant standards for the wire & cable industry. 

Working principle:

Put copper cathode over the furnace by the lifting system for baking→Adjust the feeding speed according to the casting speed. Feed the copper cathode into the melting furnace for melting (charcoal to be used for avoiding oxidization) → copper liquid flows into the transition part (charcoal is still needed to avoid oxidization) → Copper liquid flows into the holding furnace → Copper liquid flows into the crystallizer to be copper rods → copper rods enter into traction device for upward movement  → Go through the output frame →copper rods go through the output frame (to separate each rod)  → copper rods go through the tension frame ( to control the take-up speed) → copper rods go through the take-up machine,for coiling → Next process.

Product Appearance (Structure):

Cross-sectional area of casting
Diameter of output rod
Output capacity
Max. 15t/h
Overall dimension
39100x7600x5600mm (not including melting furnace, cooling system,emulsion tank and alcoholic water tank)

1. According to the different kinds of production material ( copper cathode or copper scrap ). We can equip with different kinds of copper treatment furnace to produce ETP rod and FRHC rod separately.

2. The continuous casting machine has been awarded the patent right. Crystallizing wheel is in type of “H”, on every side of which there is an adjustable nozzle spraying water to ensure the crystal of the cast bar close and equal. The crystallization wheel adopts four cooling and the ingot casting is dense and uniform. The form of rolling mill is two rolls system. Provide the production line which output capacity is 12 tons, 18 tons and 25 tons per hour. The pneumatic system is used for tightening steel belt, easy for adjusting.

3. The continuous rolling machine has a function of automatic feeding and rods stacking stop. With an unique rolling method combining 2-high rolling stand with 3 high rolling stand, the copper rod is provided with a good mechanic performance.

4. The main transmission system is in type of DC motor full-digital speed adjusting by adopting PLC and man- machine interface, it can control the host and the assisting parts in type of complete line interaction.

2003, Ito-sin(DeYang) Wire & Cable Equipment Co.,Ltd. was awarded the certificate of quality administration system issued by Britain DAS authority and the certificate of quality administration system approved by Britain UKAS authority. In 2005, it was approved by the international wire & cable association as one of the standing members.

Application and composition:

1.This production line is used for continuously casting and rolling glossy copper rod in a diameter of ∮8mm with scraps and/or copper cathode as the feedstock.

2. It is composed of 70-ton reverberatory furnace, 5-wheel continuous casting machine, front haul-off, rotary cutter, straightener, trimmer, burr shaver, rolling mill, alcoholic water cooler and rod coiler, among which the furnace is to be outsourced or prepared by the customer. When copper cathode is used, shaft melting furnace and holding furnace are needed.


Q1. What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
A: Item Name,Size,Initial Quality you require.
Q2. How to make the payment?
A: T/T
Q3. When will you deliver the machine?
A: Delivery Time for 30-40 days.

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