What is aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling production line
Mar 06, 2021

What is aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling production line

The invention of the aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling production line relates to the field of aluminum rod production and rolling. Specifically, it is an aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling production line, including an aluminum furnace for melting raw materials, a casting machine for cooling and solidifying liquid metal, and for traction Rolling shear traction device for aluminum rods formed by casting machine, continuous rolling mill for aluminum rod rolling and forming, and wire take-up device for wire take-up. The wire take-up device of the present invention does not require lead oil, and while ensuring that the surface of the aluminum alloy rod is free from scratches, it also avoids the heat dissipation oil smoke pollution of the aluminum alloy rod. In addition, the continuous rolling mill is equipped with a lubricating oil and emulsion circulation system. The gears are lubricated and cooled, and the emulsion alone cools the rolling pieces, effectively avoiding the wear of the bearings and gears caused by the traditional emulsion, extending the service life of the bearings and gears of the continuous rolling mill, and avoiding the rapid aging and wear of the bearings and gears during the production process. Rod blocking and broken rod accidents.

Features of the Aluminum Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling line:

1. Almost level casting and automatic casting system ensures no turbulent current, and by our special design, the molten aluminum feeding to casting system is oxide-free.

2. Box type in line degassing unit removes the contents of the hydrogen and impurity in the aluminum  liquid with the small dispersed bubble by the inert gas.

3. Induction heater heats the cast bar before enters the rolling mill, and adjusts temperature automatically, thus achieving good electrical and mechanical properties.

4. Oil-free coiling system with rollers makes it possible to produce oil-free aluminum rod without the use of grease, which can save production cost and make workshop clean.

5. The aluminum alloy rod continuous casting and rolling line is competitive with the relative international products.

6. The function of continuous quenching and fast cooling.

7. The tilting type holding furnace is designed to provide easy access for final preparation of individual alloys.

8. With perfect outlook and lower noise and vibration.

9. High efficiency and quality of production & low dissipation energy.

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