Operation Requirements And Maintenance Of Wire Drawing Machine
Mar 15, 2021

Using the wire drawing machine correctly, pay more attention to maintenance and sanitary cleaning every day, and check whether the equipment is normal before going to get off work, not only can increase the service life of the wire drawing machine, but also bring higher benefits to the enterprise. The following points are the operation requirements and maintenance of the wire drawing machine:

1.Regularly blow the belt swing control components, photoelectric cell and photoelectric switch to avoid the formation of insensitive belt swing.

2.It is necessary to pay attention to appearance maintenance and regular cleaning, so as to avoid damage to the equipment. Every detail needs to be checked, no parts are damaged, and no screws are lost.

3.To do a good job in the lubrication and maintenance of the geared motor, special lubricating oil should be used for the transmission conveyor belt, and the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly.

4.After using the wire drawing machine, clean the wire drawing machine with purified and filtered compressed air. Pay attention to the cleaning of the inner and outer surfaces of the conveyor belt and the surface of the workbench. There should be no foreign matter on the surface of the sand pad and belt to avoid affecting the sanding accuracy.

5. The whole of the wire drawing machine needs to be inspected regularly. It is necessary to understand the function and nature of each component, such as the tightness of the belt, the degree of wear of the bearing, whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, etc., and it needs to be cleaned to a certain extent. The standard is mainly to avoid affecting the follow-up effect.

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