Dongfang Cable orders again
Mar 16 , 2020

Recently, Dongfang Cable won the bid for the sea cable and laying projects of the Three Gorges New Energy Yangxi Shaba phase III, IV and V offshore wind power project. The total amount of the winning projects was 1.716 billion yuan. Up to now, Dongfang Cable has won the bid for all submarine cables and laying facilities for Three Gorges New Energy Yangxi Shapa Phase 1 to 5 offshore wind power project, providing strong support for the Three Gorges Group to implement the strategy of “Offshore Wind Power Leader” and Guangdong Yangjiang to build a world-class wind power industry base.

Dongfang Cable is a customer of ITO-SIN. The bid for the sea cable and laying projects of the 1.716 billion yuan offshore wind power project is also good news for ITO-SIN, which means that ITO-SIN will have more opportunities to provide services for Dongfang Cable. Sure enough, Dongfang Cable ordered a new lead extruder from ITO-SIN this time.

lead extruder

As one of the leading product series of ITO-SIN, lead extruder has always been favored by customers. Lead extruder is mainly used for wire and cable covering lead sheath or rubber tube covering lead vulcanization. With the increasing demand for submarine cables, lead-sealed submarine cables are often used in offshore wind power because of their ability to block the invasion of moisture. At the same time, as the length of submarine cables is getting longer, the stable production of lead sheaths for a long time is also the focus of producing large-length submarine cables. The continuous lead extrusion machine of ITO-SIN adopts the vertical screw rotation method to convey lead material from bottom to top to achieve continuous extrusion, so that the thickness of the lead layer can be uniform in the longitudinal direction of the lead pipe, and provides technical support for long-term continuous and stable production.

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